I Know You Know (Playlist: July 9, 2017)

I Know You Know

Created by Erica Andreozzi

NEW PLAYLIST inspired by my recent visit to Iceland, a country that, like Dave Grohl of Foo Fighters, stole my heart the first time around. I could not agree more with his speech at Secret Solstice Festival last month:

“We’ve never played here, let’s go here (Iceland). And our first day that we spent here, and I’m not kidding, you can ask an of my friends or my family, that this country became my f*cking favorite place on earth. And you might think it’s stupid and kind of silly, but that time, 2003, whenever it was, I bought this f*cking necklace, and I’ve never taken it off… for 14 years. Because, I think that your country is a perfect example for the rest of the world. I really do. I think that you’re strong, and you’re independent, and you’re smart, and you take care of each other, and you respect nature, and you respect each other. So, someday, if I ever wanna move somewhere else, I hope that you’ll have me and my family here in Iceland. I love it so much.” ❤ 

It was Asgeir‘s 2013 debut album, Dýrð í dauðaþögn (the biggest selling debut album in Icelandic history), that was my initial hook into Icelandic music and culture, and I listened to non-stop during my first ever trip to Iceland back in March 2014 (and so it forever holds a special place in my heart). I was so moved by his live performances at Bush Hall in London and Iceland Airwaves Music Festival that I decided to write a pretty detailed review: https://beatsthatsetmypulse.wordpress.com/2014/07/17/asgeir-i-lift-my-mind-to-the-sky-and-i-let-it-take-flight-the-wind-carries-to-my-ears-precious-sounds-of-life/. We all were anxiously awaiting his next album, and when Afterglow was released May of this year (with ‘I Know You Know‘  being one of my favorite tracks), you better believe there were plenty of smiles beaming around the world. AND, as if releasing a new album and touring around Europe & Australia didn’t tire him out enough, Asgeir decided keep the world smiling with his fascinating feat of playing requests (including covers of Milky Chance, Adele, Abba, Nirvana, etc) for 24hr non-stop and recording them straight to vinyl. SUCH a freaking cool, creative way to engage fans on a personal level and cultivate a more interactive music community. I am amazed by his generosity and unique vision, and I can’t wait to see him again at Iceland Airwaves in Nov. Another Icelandic artist that I look forward to seeing at Airwaves is Rythmatik, a super talented indie-rock band that I was lucky enough to discover (and meet!) at Secret Solstice this year. They recently won the The Icelandic Music Experiments (Músikltilraunir) “Battle of the Bands” and moved to Reykjavik from Suðureyri & Akureyri in order to hone their craft and play more live shows. Oh and, they are super fun and awesome to hang out with (always a plus!) 😀

This playlist was also inspired by performances at Secret Solstice (Kiriyama Family, Amabadama, Rhye), Bottlerock Napa (Day Wave, Dreamers, Parade of Lights, City of the Sun, Run River North, Bad Suns), the San Francisco Oyster Fest (Sir Sly, Passion Pit, Kongos, Panic is Perfect, The Soft Whites Sixties). There was additional influence from recent track/album releases by The National (BEEN WAITING WITH BAITED BREATH and SO STOKED to be seeing them Oct 14!), London Grammar (“My only hope is to let life stretch out before me and break me on this lonely road”– so good), Haim (seeing them Sept 7!), Manchester Orchestra (Sept 16!), Broken Social Scene (seeing them Oct 26!), Lucy Rose (accompanied by a short documentary of her fan-led trip to Latin America last year), Vancouver Sleep Clinic, Zach Winters, Jade Bird, Nothing But Thieves,  Public Service Broadcasting, Lanterns on the Lake, and Ben Sollee. Finally, I was happy to include tracks by some new discoveries: OUTLYA, Overcoats (LOVE!), Isaac Gracie, Henry Jamison, Klangstof, and Ella Vos.

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Feeling Electric (Playlist: June 5, 2017)

Created by Erica Andreozzi
FRESH NEW PLAYLIST to make you FEEL ELECTRIC! Songs inspired by recent recent SF shows (Vancouver Sleep Clinic, San Fermin, Doncat, Magic Giant), recent track/album releases (Sylvan Esso, Asgeir, Wild Cub, Alt-J, James Vincent McMorrow, Nick Mulvey), and AWESOME ARTISTS I saw at Bottlerock Napa (Day Wave, WILD, Lewis Del Mar, St. Lucia, Parade of lights, Bad Suns, Dreamers, Judah & the Lion, ARIZONA, City of the Sun, Hippo Campus, Saint Mesa, Baskery, and the Staves). Check out my fb music page (https://www.facebook.com/Beatsthatsetmypulse/) and YouTube page (http://www.youtube.com/user/eandreoz) for more pics and videos! Reviews for San Fermin and Vancouver Sleep Clinic here: 



(In order to access the playlist, you have to press the 3 vertical dots in the upper right hand corner and select download. You can then cancel the download immediately and still have access to the playlist. If you are still having uses, let me know and I can send you a link to download the tracks!)

Something Here- Day Wave    

Signal- Sylvan Esso    

Feeling Electric- Parade Of Lights    

Living Water- Vancouver Sleep Clinic   

Feed The Beast- Arizona    

Oceanica- San Fermin    

Drugs- Dreamers    

Untitled- Day Wave    

Golden- Parade Of Lights    

Loud(Y)- Lewis Del Mar    

American Love- WILD    

On Your Side- Day Wave    

Just Give It Up- Parade Of Lights    

Stardust- Asgeir    

Empire- Vancouver Sleep Clinic    

Take It All Back- Judah & The Lion    

Somewhere- Wild Cub    

LA in ’83- DonCat    

In Cold Blood- Alt-J    

Home- Day Wave    

We’re The Kids- Parade Of Lights    

Afterglow- Asgeir    

Dancing On Glass- St. Lucia    

Defeated- Bad Suns    

Silver And Gold- Parade Of Lights    

14 Faces- Lewis Del Mar    

Westernkids- Hippo Campus  

Promises- Day Wave    

Running- Arizona    

Silver & Gold- WILD    

Unbound- Asgeir    

Wolves (You Got Me)- Dreamers    

Unconditional- Nick Mulvey    

Going To Mars- Judah & The Lion      

Vagabond- WILD    

Everything- City of the Sun    

Cry Out For Me- Dreamers    

Celebrate the Reckless- Magic Giant    

Steal Away- DonCat    

Glad It’s Raining- James Vincent Mcmorrow       

Hold Us Together- WILD    

The Big Flo (Adios)- Baskery    

Come Down Slow- Dreamers    

Let It Burn- Magic Giant    

Jungle- Saint Mesa    

Explosions- City of the Sun    

Imagination- Saint Mesa    

Throw A Bone- Baskery    

Holding On- James Vincent Mcmorrow    

Roses- Staves 


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Vancouver Sleep Clinic – “All of the sinners, all of the saints, All of the beauty, all of the pain, In the loss, in the gain, I’m not afraid”: Bottom of the Hill in SF (April 17, 2017

Written by Erica Andreozzi

Vancouver Sleep Clinic‘s first show in SF at the Rickshaw Stop back in December had us begging for their return, especially with the release of their highly anticipated debut album, ‘Revival.’ A revival is surely what they spurred on last night at Bottom of the Hill. I could not help but watch everyone on the audience be lifted up by Tim’s angelic vocals and haunting howls as they stared up at him with eager eyes. Star struck by his fine, fierce falsetto, there was a sense of disbelief shared by the entire room. It’s hard to believe that he wrote his first song (‘Vapour‘) when he was only 17 yrs old, a song about realizing how short life is and how “you must find light and joy in the situations we’re put in.” Well we certainly find light and joy in the musical medicine he revives us with, one “rebirth” at a time. Tracks that had every hair raised on my body were Flaws, Lung, Living Water, Killing me to love you, and Someone to Stay, which was written about homelessness and homesickness when temporarily living in LA:

“You were alone, left out in the cold
Clinging to the ruin of your broken home
Too lost and hurting to carry your load
We all need someone to hold”   (SLAYED).

 Arguably my favorite Vancouver Sleep Clinic track released this year.

By the time the epic encore of Empire came around, I was completely lathered in chills. Empire stood alone with definitive power and command, keeping us on our toes as the capricious crescendos amplified our attention and wet our appetites. I’m already hungry for more and can’t wait until they return for summer festivals (best way to avoid winter in OZ!) All I know is that Vancouver Sleep Clinic won’t be frequenting small stages much longer. Recently on tour with the delightful Daughter, they are making a global footprint and hailing new fans far and wide. In fact, the kid standing next to me had flown all of the way from Phoenix just for the show! It won’t be long before this Aussie quintet will be headlining the legendary Fillmore. SF wants you back!


So happy to have met Tim Bettinson of Vancouver Sleep Clinic this week at the Rickshaw Stop. After wrapping up tour with Daughter the night before in Vancouver (yes, he says it’s everything he’s dreamed it to be), these Aussies (Brisbane) decided to sneak a two extra shows in SF and LA before heading out (and boy are we thankful for!). I remember first seeing Vancouver Sleep Clinic at Green Man music festival (Wales, UK) in 2014 and being completely taken back by their beauty and talent. For those lovers of Bon Iver, Volcano Choir, James Vincent McMorrow (who he’s a I’ve fan of and whom he saw for the first time in LA 3 years ago), RYX, Matt Corby, Sohn, Youth Lagoon, Alex Vargas, and Jack Garratt, Tim is your man!


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Geographer – “You’ve been staring at the ocean, Like it’s a language you could learn”: The Catalyst Club in Santa Cruz (April 16, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

Nothing better to lift dem spirits than rocking out to your favorite SF band (Geographer) on a random Tuesday night (especially after a long, long day). Glad to have shared this experience with other diehards (new friend named Janette) who also knew the words to every song and had no shame shouting them out loud with you. Turns out we were both at the same Geographer show back in Jan too! What a treat it was for Mike to be extra active on our side of the stage (e.g sticking his guitar out in front of our face!) and even letting Janette push the button on his synthesizer to start ‘Original Sin‘! I also really enjoyed Mike and Duncan’s dueling guitar action at the end of ‘I’m ready’ (I’m ready for a replay!) The woodblocks in ‘Verona‘ and saxophone in ‘Walk on the Moon‘ are always consistent crowd-pleasers, and in case the crowd wasn’t pleased enough, Mike jumped right into his sea of fans to show them his love up close and personal.  Getting to hear their 2 new, unreleased tracks (‘Read My Mind‘ and ‘Something’s Missing‘) def has us anxiously awaiting the new album (scheduled to be out in the Fall). CAN’T WAIT! 🤗 I’m also stoked to check out Duncan’s other band (DONCAT) this Saturday (5/20) at Amnesia in SF. Thank gosh for musical medicine!<3



Previous reviews of Geographer at the Rickshaw Stop in Jan 2017 and way back in the day at the Independent in March 2012. This is my 9th time seeing them!

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Geographer – “I want it all, I want it all, right now right now”: The Rickshaw Stop in SF (Jan 20, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

“I want to write music that is so good, it reaches as many human beings as possible, which is quite a feat when you think about how different people are. There’s a magic in that and I want to create that. I selfishly want to be the harbinger of that magic.”Mike Deni of Geographer   Luckily, I have felt that magic.  🙂

Having recently returned from a trip to Asia and India, Mike Deni told the crowd the was was “so happy to be back” and playing music for us (first show of 2017). He said that POPSCENE night at the Rickshaw Stop was one of the first ever places he played – fast forward 10 years and he is now back where it all began. Mike gave a special shout-out to Aaron Axelson for curating Popscene (the “coolest place to be on a Friday night) and giving him a platform to bring his music out into the world. My 8th time seeing Geographer and I can confidently say that they are STILL my favorite SF band. We were SO LUCKY to hear them test drive their FIRST NEW TRACK of 2017 (‘Read my mind‘) and new, recently released track called ‘I Want It All.’ SO FREAKING GOOD! Mike said he’s been working hard on the new album but has been slow to release tracks because he wants them to be really good. CAN’T WAIT! In honor of ‘Animal Shapes‘ finally becoming available on vinyl after high demand, Geographer treated us to a full live performance of this epic EP, start to finish (the last and first songs being my favorites). And EVEN MORE OF A TREAT was when Mike decided to get down and dirty with the crowd, dancing alongside us (especially during ‘I’m Ready‘). I was basically DEAD when he swing his guitar right up in my face. THESE ARE THE MOMENTS WILL LIVE FOR!!

ALSO, as if I couldn’t be more of Geographer fan, I find out that Mike decided to cover Sia‘s ‘Chandelier‘ in honor of International Women’s Day. “Here’s to a time where we no longer need a special day in the year to remember how important more than half the population of the planet is.”Mike Deni

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Andrew McMahon – “You’ve gotta swim, swim for your life, swim for the music that saves you when you’re not so sure you’ll survive”: The UC Theatre in Berkeley (May 6, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi


Seeing Andrew McMahon for the first time last Saturday (UC Theatre Berkeley) had me come away with newfound respect for him as an artist, but most importantly, and as a HERO. I was not aware that Andrew had been diagnosed with leukemia 11 years ago and is alive today because of a successful stem cell transplant many are not fortunate enough to receive (“We are the fortunate ones”Lottery Ticket). With a steadfast vision to give back, Andrew started a foundation called Dear Jack that supports young adult/adolescent patients in their battle against cancer. In fact, $0.50 of all ticket sales for his current ‘Zombies on Broadway’ tour go toward saving lives (literally) and helping patients find a stem cell match. Andrew’s new album was as means for him to find closure in the city (New York) where he was first diagnosed with cancer (on tour with Jack’s Mannequin). Cancer-free and ready to face those haunting curiosities, Andrew returned to NYC a decade later to record “Zombies on Broadway“:

“I wrote this album in the middle of a whirlwind, when the future was unclear. Isn’t it always? I found my way to the city, thinking I could settle a score with a ghost. You can’t, so I came home and rewrote the ending. I’m proud announce my new album, “Zombies on Broadway,” is coming on February 10th. I spent more than a year hoping to find new answers to old questions. What I found; I have always been two people; One in search of peace and the other in search of whatever makes my hair stand up and my heart beat faster. This record is mostly about the latter.”

He said that that name is inspired by the constant sea of tourists (“zombies”) that he had to wade through everyday in his recording studio on Broadway. He expressed a fondness for this “city that never sleeps,” but also an undeniable love/hate relationship reflecting the extremes it would take him to. This passion and angst can be felt in the track, ‘Brooklyn you’re killing me,’ which ironically was the only track on the album that was NOT recorded in Brooklyn (but instead at his home in Southern California). He had Keith Jeffrey of Atlas Genius join him on stage to belt out this beast. What a rush to be seeing along with the chorus! Nevertheless, Andrew redeems his love for NYC with his catchiest track on the album, Fire Escape: “There’s a million city lights but you’re number one.”

After being away on the road for 2 months, Andrew addressed his comfort in being “back in California,” the place that will always be “home.” He also mentioned having a special connection to UC Berkeley because Something Corporate (his first band) played for the UCB prom back in the day. In honor of that memory, Andrew treated us to a special Something Corporate throwback, ‘Woke up in car,’ and you better believe the whole crowd jumping up and down.

He also treated us to two Jacks Mannequin throwbacks, ‘Dark Blue‘ and ‘Swim.’ ‘Dark Blue‘ had tons of fan shrieking in hysteria, and I even caught a glimpse of a girl with tears running down her cheeks. For fans that have been with him since the very beginning, these old killers definitely slay. ‘Swim‘ was even more emotional, for Andrew said it was written about his friend who, like him, was “put through the ringer” with a battle against cancer:

“You’ve gotta swim
Swim for your life
Swim for the music
That saves you
When you’re not so sure you’ll survive”

This song proves that willpower to continue doing what you love is enough to fight all odds. For someone whose life could have been taken away from him 11 years ago, Andrew exemplifies what it means to be LIVING LIFE TO THE FULLEST and embracing every moment on earth DOING WHAT YOU LOVE. Making music is what he STAYED ALIVE FOR, and that could not be more apparent in the way he threw himself into his piano as if it was his lifeline. His endless energy, magnetic delivery, and expressive eyes (one that remind me of Ritzy from the Joy Formidable) is something you have to just see for yourself. Not only did he shoot like a cannon (glad he played Canyon Moon) into the crowd 3 times (once on a GIANT DUCK float and another on a GOLDEN DRAGON float), but he ran around stage several times, jumped off his piano like a kid on a playground. He also stomped on his piano keys, something I have never even seen the great Billy Joel (who Andrew actually played with on April 28th) do. It was obvious that there is NOWHERE ELSE Andrew would rather be, and he voiced this appreciation to his fans all night: “Thank you for choosing to spend your Saturday night with me.”

He followed up this appreciation with a glorious shout-out to music as the common denominator binding strangers together:  “In a world of things that alot of people don’t agree on right now, is that we like to dance… and we like a little bit of music on our Saturday. You are standing probably shoulder-to-shoulder with a group of strangers.. we agree on one thing, we love music… I thought maybe be could have one of these perfect moments tonight under the parachute together.”  A perfect moment indeed, a moment that we have when “We surrender to a night of music together… that’s the show… that’s the magic.” ❤
So much of this night did indeed felt like magic, and unexpected teasers like Andrew’s cover of Bruce Springsteen‘s ‘I’m on Fire‘ (with Matt of Night Riots) had us levitating off the ground. The song that then kept us there was the epic encore of ‘Cecilia And The Satellite‘:
“If I could fly, then I would know
What life looks like from up above and down below
I’d keep you safe, I’d keep you dry
Don’t be afraid, Cecilia, I’m the satellite
And you’re the sky
For all the things my hands have held, the best by far is you.”

Despite having flown all over the globe for 16 years (>200 days a year) on world tours, Andrew’s continues to have his WINGS IN FLIGHT. Who knows where he will land next. 😀


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p.s. I was a bit bummed that he didn’t play ‘Maps for the Getaway,’ as this is one of my favorites from the new album and such a PERFECT road trip songs:

“No cash in the bank, no paid holidays
All we have, all we have is
Gas in the tank, maps for the getaway
All we have, all we have is time”  (YAAAAAS)

BUT, hopefully at the Mountain Winery on July 1. Hope to catch him again there!

Night Riots – “They will try but they will never break who you are. There is us, we are one, as the whole world falls apart”: The UC Theatre in Berkeley (May 6, 2017)

Written by Erica Andreozzi

I knew after first discovering Night Riots at the Rickshaw Stop‘s Popscene presents back in October that it was only a matter of time before they would be rioting the stage with big acts. I recall mentioning this to their guitarist Matt (who would be playing an ‘I’m on Fire‘ cover with Andrew McMahon last night). Fast forward a few months and they be on tour with both Atlas Genius and Andrew McMahon and the Wilderness. They also recently played alongside two other bands who I love, Wild Cub and Unknown Mortal Orchestra . With a sound (especially lead vocals) reminiscent of The Killers and siiiick drum trick skits reminiscent of Nothing More, I was pretty freaking blown away. Their hit song ‘Contagious’ is, you guessed it- CONTAGIOUS, and their highly energetic, enthusiastic stage presence (Matt playing guitar behind his back and Travis jumping on top of the drum set) follows suit. Check them out at The Fillmore tonight! @blncdbrkfst @onestowatch @thebaybridged #nightriots #uctheatreberkeley #andrewmcmahoninthewilderness #musicforthemasses #bandontherise


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